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Wednesday, 19 September


Australia wont get the nuclear bomb these are the reasons why not "IndyWatch Feed"

The real problem is developing a credible, effective nuclear capability is about much more than possessing the bomb itself. Equally critical would be working out how to control and protect the weapon prior to use, and finally, deliver it. Doing this is, perhaps surprisingly, just as difficult if not more so than developing the device itself.

lets look at what it would  cost.This is where the extent of the fantasy becomes apparent.

theres one other final, conclusive, and critical reason that not even our allies will assist an attempt to go nuclear. The truth is now they just dont view Australia as a stable, mature democracy any more.

The one, conclusive reason why Australia wont go nuclear, SMH, By Nicholas Stuart, 18 September 2018 Theres a massive, although subterranean, debate going on in the strategic community at the moment one with huge ramifications. Its whether Australia should possess its own nuclear deterrent.

The argument for is simple. Chinas rising; Americas declining. We cant rely on the US nuclear umbrella and need to have our own nuclear bomb. Even those on the so-called pro-Beijing side admit this is a real question that requires an answer, because it defines our entire strategic future. Unfortunately, everyone in the military communitys been weighing up the relative advantages of an independent, Australian bomb in an antiseptic, apolitical, environment. You know, how it could be done; how it might operate; and how much would it cost?

Its time to get real.

Could we do it? Physically, undoubtedly. We have the necessary raw materials and intellectual know-how. Enriching u...


2 Chinese nuclear power stations in direct path of Typhoon Mangkhut "IndyWatch Feed"

RED ALERT: Typhoon Mangkhut to SMASH into TWO nuclear plants as MILLIONS evacuate in panic

TYPHOON MANGKHUT the most powerful storm of the year is expected to directly hit two nuclear power plants later today with shocking 120mph winds, as officials issue a red alert warning.

By OLI SMITH  Sep 16, 2018 Typhoon Mangkhut has battered Hong Kong and southern China today, prompting 2.45 million to evacuate.

The typhoon is the worlds most powerful storm of the year, with winds as high as 170 miles per hour twice as powerful as Hurricane Florence which has struck the US east coast. At least 64 people have died in the wake of the typhoon in the Phillipines while so far two are reportedly dead in Hong Kong.

Officials have issued a red alert warning amid mounting fears over two nuclear power statio...


Brunswick Nuke Plant: STATE OF EMERGENCY flying cuttlefish picayune "IndyWatch Feed"

Duke Energys Brunswick nuclear plant, about 30 miles south of Wilmington, has declared a state of emergency as the 1,200-acre complex remains cut off by flood waters and and is inaccessible to outside personnel. Zero Hedge

via Brunswick Nuke Plant: STATE OF EMERGENCY flying cuttlefish picayune


Oh dear! Coal-loving Angus Taylors electorate wants action on climate change "IndyWatch Feed"



Energy ministers electorate backs higher emissions reduction target, poll shows

ReachTel poll of Angus Taylors voters finds 42.3% want Australia to cut emissions more deeply, Guardian, Katharine Murphy Political editor @murpharoo19 Sep 2018 More voters in the electorate of the new energy minister, Angus Taylor, support an emissions reduction target for electricity and a higher national target than the Paris commitment than oppose those positions.


Australian government wont be replacing renewable energy target Angus Taylor, (Minister For Fossil Fuel Energy) "IndyWatch Feed"

Angus Taylor confirms government wont be replacing renewable energy target Canberra Times, 18 Sept 18Energy Minister Angus Taylor has confirmed the Morrison government will not replace the renewable energy target after it peaks in 2020, officially creating a policy vacuum that opponents say will stifle clean energy investment and lead to higher prices.

In question time on Tuesday, Greens MP Adam Bandt challenged Mr Taylor to extend the target until 2022 to avoid a disastrous plunge in renewables investment when the current target ends.

The renewable energy target is going to wind down from 2020, it reaches its peak in 2020, and we wont be replacing that with anything, Mr Taylor said..

We will drive prices down, thats our policy, those opposite will drive them up, he said.

An annual index released on Tuesday put Australia in the bottom three ranking for environmental policy among wealthy nations.

The Center for Global Developments commitment to development index said the environment was one of Australias weaker policy fields &#8230...


Defence officials become military lobbyists "IndyWatch Feed"

Defence officials turn lobbyists, sometimes weeks after leaving government

Eight former defence figures, most high-ranking, are now lobbyists for military contractors, Guardian, Christopher Knaus,  @knausc, 18 Sep 2018 Senior defence officials and military figures are taking paid jobs with firms lobbying for arms manufacturers, sometimes within weeks of leaving their government posts.

Guardian Australia has identified eight former military officers or defence bureaucrats, most of whom were high-ranking, who have publicly registered themselves as lobbyists for firms that represent military contractors.

But many other defence lobbyists operate largely in secret, either because they work directly for military contractors, or because they simply refuse to put themselves on the lobbyist register, avoiding scrutiny for themselves and their clients without any real repercussion.

One recent example of a lobbyist who placed himself on the lobbyist register is Tyson Sara, a former assistant secretary in defences naval shipbuilding taskforce, whose role was described as leading the implementation of the Australian naval shipbuilding plan.

Sara left defence in March and soon after joined lobbying powerhouse Cmax Advisory as its chief operating officer and vice-president for strategy and...


12.5b litres of water for Adani coal project no environmental impact statement needed "IndyWatch Feed"

Adani plans to draw 12.5b litres of water and there will be no environmental impact statement, ABC By national environment, science and technology reporter Michael Slezak 18 Sept 18  Adanis plan to take 12.5 billion litres of water from a river in drought-stricken Queensland is a step closer to happening, according to environmental groups, after the Federal Government decided the project did not need a full environmental impact assessment.

Key points:

  • Federal Government decides Adani water plan does not need environmental impact statement
  • Mining giant wants to take 12.5 billion litres of water from Queensland river
  • Environmentalists say the move is appalling and dangerous
  • Adani says it will work with Government to complete the required assessment

To build and run its proposed Carmichael coal mine, Adani wants to extract water from the Suttor River in central Queensland for up to 60 years, expand a dam there, and build a 60-kilometre pipeline to transport the water to its mine.

Federal law requires that if coal mine...


Consumer group fights New Mexico nuclear waste project "IndyWatch Feed" Associated Press, September 18, 2018, ROSWELL, N.M.


Global interdependence of civil and military nuclear technology "IndyWatch Feed"


Andrew Feinstein: The Shadow World of the Global Arms Trade | Fall 2017 Wall Exchange” frameborder=0 allow=

questions arise over many well-documented military entanglements of nuclear power

the reliable provision of Russias defense capability is the main priority of the nuclear industry Rosatom

a host of other defense policy discussions are very clear that the UK nuclear submarine industrial base would not be sustainable, if a decision were taken to discontinue civil nuclear powerstatements from UK submarine industry sources note incentives to mask the costs of this military programme behind the related civilian industrial infrastructure. a programme of submarine-derived small modular reactors should be adopted in UK energy policy in order to relieve the Ministry of the burden of developing and retaining skills and capability on the military side. Rolls Royce

focused on facilitating mobility between the civil and defense nuclear workforce UK

In the USA, powerful imperatives hav...


Smiling 'Joker' Face In This Photo Isn't What It Seems To Be "IndyWatch Feed"

Apparently, a shift in perspective is all it takes to make one of the planet's most recognizable species look like something else entirely.

Recently, Calypso Star Charters, an Australian underwater tour guide company, shared this striking image on Instagram. At first glance, it appears to be some sort of smiling face likened to that of a jester or joker. Commenters on the post are having a field day:

"Honestly thought you were playing with filters," one wrote. "Very cool."

The truth behind the shot is actually quite simple to explain: It's a photo of the underbelly of a perfectly normal great white shark which has been flipped upside down.

Here's that same image with the orientation corrected:

The original photograph is awesome, to say the least showing the sheer power and beauty of these aquatic marvels. But when it comes to sharks, the importance of a proper perspective is crucial in another sense.

Unfortunately, sensationalized depictions in popular culture have given rise to negative stereotypes that sharks are creatures to be feared and demonized, when, in fact, the opposite is true: They are well-worth saving.

As the World Wildlife Fund points out, sharks play an essential role in keeping ocean ecosystems in balance, and are far less dangerous to humans than most people even realize.

(Oh, and sometimes they can actually be quite cute.)

In reality, sharks have much more to fear from humans than the other way around. In 2013, it was reported that an estimated 100 million sharks were killed each year a grim statistic which, just last year, led to the creation of an international pact aimed at protecting them from threats.

Indeed, a change of perspective can go a long way....


September 18 Energy News geoharvey "IndyWatch Feed"

Opinion: The Public Wants Renewable Energy and They Want It Now! Utility companies, like automakers, would like to party like its 1999 forever, but consumers are beginning to realize their future lies with zero emissions vehicles and renewable energy. The transition has begun. If the people will lead, their leaders will follow. Spread []

via September 18 Energy News geoharvey

Tuesday, 18 September


Syria or Southeast Asia: The West Lied, Lies, and Always Will "IndyWatch Feed"

Photo:  Andre Vltchek

Im sitting at the splendid building of the Singapore National Library, in a semi-dark room, microfilm inserted into a high-tech machine. Im watching and then filming and photographing several old Malaysian newspapers dating back from October 1965.

These reports were published right after the horrible 1965 military coup in Indonesia, which basically overthrew the progressive President Sukarno and liquidated then the third largest Communist party on Earth, PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia). Between one and three million Indonesian people lost their lives in some of the most horrifying massacres of the 20th century. From a socialist (and soon to be Communist) country, Indonesia descended into the present pits of turbo-capitalist, as well as religious and extreme right-wing gaga.

The United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Holland and several other Western nations, directly sponsored the coup, while directing both the pro-Western treasonous factions in the military, as well as the religious leaders who stood, from the start, at the forefront of the genocide.

All this information is, of course, widely available in the de-classified archives of both the CIA and U.S. State Department. It can be accessed, analyzed and reproduced. I personally made a film about the events, and so have several other directors.

But it isnt part of the memory of humanity. In Southeast Asia, it is known only to a handful of intellectuals.

In Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand, the Indonesian post-1965 fascism is a taboo topic. It is simply not discussed. Progressive intellectuals here are, like in all other client states of the West, paid to be preoccupied with their sex orientation, with gender issues and personal freedoms, but definitely not with the essential matters (Western imperialism, neo-colonialism, the savage and grotesque forms of capitalism, the plunder of local natural resources and environment, as well as disinformation, plus the forcefully injected ignorance that is accompanied by mass amnesia) that have been shaping so extremely and so negatively this part of the world.

In Indonesia itself, the Communist Party is banned and the general public sees it as a culprit, not as a victim.

The West is laughing behind the back of its brainwashed victims. It is laughing all the way to the bank.

Lies are obviously paying off.

No other part....


Sourcing Legally Produced Wood: A Guide for Businesses 2018 Edition "IndyWatch Feed"

  • The international communitys response to illegal logging including updated information on demand-side laws and regulations such as the U.S. Lacey Act, the European Union Timber and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act
  • Descriptions of select Public Procurement Policies, Business Sourcing Policies, and Trade Association Legality Policies 
  • Updated CITES Timber Species list 
  • Updated Logging and/or Export Bans list

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